Morning Star United Holy Church

"A Friendly Community of Faith"

Morning Star United Holy Church was organized in 1932 under the leadership of the late Rev. Mrs. Richardson in the Atlantic City section of Norfolk, Virginia.
Due to Mrs. Richardson's failure in health, Rev. Streeter who served as assitant pastor, took over as pastor during this time. Many of the members began to leave Morning Star to go to other churches, leaving Mother Stringfield and her husband, Brother Stringfield to carry on alone from 1946 until 1949.
Consequently, the church moved into the Stringfield's home in the Atlantic City section of Norfolk. Mother Stringfield strived to keep Morning Star going on. She would have services in her home and sometimes would be the only person there. Mother Stringfield would play hymms on her WASH BOARD, rejoicing before the Lord. She never lost faith, but believed God would make a way.
  After a while, the Bishop from the Southern District of the United Holy Church, Inc. in Goldsboro, North Carolina sent the "BULL GANG" to render services and carry on revivals the Bull Gang consisted of the late Bishop Thomas E. Talley, former president of the General United Holy Church and Virginia District (VACON), Late Bishop A. Augson Sr. former president of VACON, the late Elmo Moseley, Elder Matthew Credle, and the late Elder Hoskins.

During the 1949 Convocation held in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Reverend (Bishop) Augson was appointed Pastor of Morning Star United Holy Church. He diligently served for 35 years. For a long time, there were still only two members and Mother Stringfield prayed that Rev. Augson would not see the conditions to the church. Whenever Rev. Augson was unable to attend services, Sister Mary Augson would to in his place and read scriptures.

  After a few years, Mother Stringfield moved to the Lambert Poiny section of Norfolk and the church moved with her, because church services were still being held in her home. Mother Bessie Woodard joined Morning Star in Lambert Point. Morning Star left Lambert Point and moved to Deep Creek in Chesapeake, Virginia. Since all of the members lived in Norfolk, they would catch the ferry and the bus to Deep Creek for prayer meetings, bible church school, and Sunday services. There in Deep Creek, Sister Lydia Burrus Felton and Sister Willie Mcnair joined. After a few years down in Deep Creek, the church moved again, this time to Reservoir Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia. There, Sister Ruby Roscoe Wilkins joined, along with Brother Lionel Williams, who later on to become a pastor.
The Morris family also joined Morning Star as well as Sister Elnora Saunders, Sister (Mother) Martha Brown, and Brother Johnnie H. Felton. Friends from other churches always gave Morning Star a helping hand whenever needed.

  The church moved from Reservoir Avenue to Sister Edna Morris's home on St. Julien Ave. for a short time, then Morning Star was on the move again. The church moved to a store front on Chapel Street. There, Sister queen Picott Baker, Sister Rebecca Jones, Borther Joseph Ebron, the Dawtson family, and Siter Rose Lee Billups joined the growing membership.

  While on Chapel Street, the members continues to pray for a permanent church building in which to call "home". Mother stringfield's prayer was to buy a church big enough to have her funeral. Soon afterwards the Lord blessed Morning Star with a church in the Campostella Heights section of Norfolk, Virginia. So when the Lord called Mother stringfield to Heaven in June 1984, we did have a church big enough to meet her request, and the church was completely paid for. 

  In 1984 Bishop Albert Augson Sr. left Morning Star to further his services at St. John United Holy Church in Richmond, VA and Sister Mary Augson was called from Labor to reward in Feburary 1990.
  In 1984 Elder Johnnie H. Felton was placed in charge of Morning Star until he was installed as pastor in 1985. In 1991 Elder felton became Pastor Emeritus of Morning Star United holy Church, Elder Johnnie h. Felton was called home to a heavenly rest in May 1993 
In July 1991, one of the children born into the church Minister J.B. Felton, became the Interim Pastor. In November 1992, Elder Felton was installed as Pastor of Morning Star and ushered in the era of the "Great Commision" church. Many more members have joined Morning Star since that time and the Lord has added to the Church weekly such as should be saved.

Morning Star established a Van outreach program, as well as an evangelistic outreach ministry within the local community. The Lord has greatly blessed Morning Star to branch out the other cities, states, and around the world to further the Gospel of Christ. Morning Star has made several missionary trips to mexico between 1996-1997. And guess what...WE'RE NOT THROUGH YET

​Bishop Albert Augson
     1949 -1984

Elder Johnnie H. Felton
     1985- 1991

Bishop Johnnie B. Felton
         1992- Present

Service times
Sunday School 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship Service 11:30 AM

Wednsday night bible study 7:00 PM
Morning Star United Holy Church
1801 Princeton Ave. Norfolk, VA